In commemoration of International Youth Day, W7Worldwide, a leading local marketing communication agency in Saudi Arabia, has released a short video that highlights the pivotal role played by Saudi youth in the nation’s development, particularly in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiatives and objectives.

Saudi Arabia has made significant strides in empowering its youth across various sectors, with Vision 2030 being instrumental in establishing numerous programs and initiatives aimed at supporting and preparing young individuals. These efforts are crucial in driving sustainable development, given that the youth demographic constitutes 63% of the country’s population.

The video, envisions Saudi Arabia in 2050 as a nation with a diverse economy, showcasing the Kingdom’s commitment to nurturing and supporting its youth. It emphasizes the development of young national talents who will lead the country towards achieving sustainable development goals, guided by the wise leadership’s unwavering support.

Furthermore, the video highlights the youth’s contribution to transforming Saudi Arabia into a prominent global industrial power through the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program. This initiative supports young entrepreneurs in establishing their ventures and provides unwavering backing for Saudi products renowned for their quality and competitiveness in the global and regional markets.

The “Made in Saudi Arabia” program plays a pivotal role in developing the national industry, creating promising opportunities for Saudi companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The video also showcases the Kingdom’s efforts, under the guidance of wise leadership, in embracing, developing, and supporting Saudi youth to participate effectively in social and economic domains, enabling them to lead the country and achieve Vision 2030’s objectives.
The video concludes with the phrase “Nurturing Youths Today to Build a Promising Tomorrow,” reaffirming Saudi Arabia’s commitment to empowering and equipping its youth to contribute to the country’s renaissance and forge a bright and promising future.

International Youth Day, celebrated annually since 1999, was designated by the United Nations General Assembly to acknowledge youth as essential partners in the global community and catalysts for change. It serves as an opportunity to address the challenges and issues faced by young people worldwide.