Eid Mubarak, May you always celebrate in good health and spirits. Children in Al Sharqiyah enjoy many activities during Eid Al Fitr, that are generally widely practiced across Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf and Islamic World at large.

The key activities are summed up in the following:

1)    Distributing Sweets after Eid Prayer

Social interactions continue in congratulations after the Eid sermon. Children are adorned with beautiful Eid clothes, and mothers prepare the Eid giveaways in an extension of social connection, that they share with all children in attendance at the Eid prayer grounds, the practice is usually accompanied with drum musicians performing celebratory songs.

2)    Eid Morning greetings

Eid greetings are usually split into two parts: during the first day of Eid the children wear traditional clothing, and they go about visiting their relatives on both parents’ sides and their grandparents. In the second part of the celebration during the evening of the second day of Eid children usually change into more modern clothing.

3)    Eid lunch at the grandparents

The family usually gathers at the grandparent’s house consisting of roast sheep and rice. The children usually settle in for a siesta in the afternoon and proceed with the Eid greetings in the evening. This is a tradition that is widespread across the Kingdom.

4)    Eidiyah

The most popular tradition among all children in the Islamic world and within the Kingdom is distributing money and sweets that differ in number and amount depending on the family’s preference. Children especially enjoy this tradition!

5)    Gathering in Farmland/resorts

With families spreading across the Al Sharqiyah region, and the availability of vast beautiful green spaces families enjoy renting green spaces, and date palm trees for picnics and family gatherings that continue for more than six hours where they enjoy quality time with kids and distributing sweets and toys.

6)    Visiting Tourist attractions

The entertainment authority of Saudi Arabia organizes a series of events across the Kingdom. Fireworks by the dancing fountain in the King Fahad garden, the Saudi A’arda – Traditional dance are thoroughly enjoyed by families annually especially children as it is always an exhilarating experience.

7)    Visiting extended family

Social connections and Eid greetings within the Islamic world are initiated by visiting the closest family members and proceeding with the extended family. The visits are held for only a few minutes where tea and nuts are offered to the visiting family prior to moving on to the next visit.

Some families dedicate the first and second days of Eid to visit paternal and maternal relatives, and seldom to these visits extend towards midnight.

It is worth mentioning that the methods of social connections have contributed to transferring a large percentage of traditions across the Kingdom until they have become common place.

What makes your Eid special?


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