Our Ramadan series for this year has come to an end, after taking you, our readers, on a journey of the fascinating traditions, activities and customs of the people of Najd – Saudi Arabia’s central region – during Ramadan, the month of giving and communications, and Eid Al-Fitr. May God grant you and your loved ones safety, peace, and health, and keep diseases and burdens away.

We hope our rich and informative content benefits our readers, especially those visiting or residing in Saudi Arabia. Our upcoming series will cover several social topics related to different provinces and regions in the Kingdom.

Here are the highlights from this year’s Ramadan series:

1)    Many Ramadan traditions are similar, with small differences, across the different regions of the Kingdom.

2)    The central region is considered the heartland of Saudi Arabia and includes the capital city of Riyadh, the Qassim province and its affiliates.

3)    Family gatherings and the Hawamah celebration constitute the main traditions of the people of Najd during and after Ramadan.

4)    The Najd region enjoys a rich food culture, which includes several traditional Ramadan dishes such as Luqaimat, Jarees, Harissa, Muftah, Mataziz, and Al-Hanini.

5)    The streets of Riyadh just before iftar are busy and people should avoid the evening rush by all means.

6)    Riyadh has no shortage of mosques famous for the beautiful voices of their imams, including Sheikh Adel Al- Kalbani, Sheik Khalid Al-Jalil, Sheikh Yasir Al-Dossary, Sheikh Nasser Al-Qatami among others.

7)    The historical town of Diriyah is famous for its Ramadan nights that provide an opportunity for social communications during the blessed month.

8)    Riyadh enjoys several special activities and events during Ramadan such as fireworks, Riyadh Winter Wonderland, Eidiya, and the Eid feast.

If you have never visited Riyadh, make sure it is the first thing you do once the lockdown is over and it is safe to travel.

Thank you for being a part of our Ramadan series. Hope you enjoyed the enlightening journey just as much as we did. See you next year. Stay safe and blessed!

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