A brand new Ramadan awaits us all and we at W7Worldwide, wish all our friends and followers a blessed month filled with success, good deeds, and happiness.

Our annual Ramadan blog series started last year, where it spotlighted the Eastern Province – Al Sharqiyah (Click here to read the blogs).
Our blogs this year will focus on social communications in the Najd region (Central Province) of Saudi Arabia.

Najd witnessed a series of transformations over the past year as the region attracted the attention of many around the world. It is undoubtedly an ideal place to start your visit to this beautiful country.

In this month of bonding and communications, we highlight the spectacular Central Province, which is considered the heartland of Saudi Arabia and includes the capital city of Riyadh, and its affiliated cities. There is also the Qassim Province and its affiliates. Riyadh is the largest and most diversified city in Saudi Arabia, which has often been described as the “Hollywood of Arabs.”

It is worth noting that the traditions and customs of the Kingdom, including social communications, are largely similar across the regions. Furthermore, you may notice many common traditions between Riyadh and other regions in Saudi Arabia.

Our Ramadan series will be divided into several topics corresponding to specific days of the month, which include the number 7, as a reference to the digit 7 in W7Worldwide. The blogs include:

1. The 7th Day of Ramadan: (7 Special Ramadan Dishes in Najd)
2. The 17th Day of Ramadan: (7 Riyadh Mosques Famous for their Reciters).
3. The 27th Day of Ramadan: (7 Ramadan Traditions in the Central Region).
4. The 7th Day of Shawal: (3 Reasons to Celebrate Eid in Najd).

We hope you accompany us on this exciting journey in which we explore the variety of social communication trends and traditions across the Najd region.

We wish you and your loved ones a blessed Ramadan!