Our series for the year has been concluded. The series covered the traditions, customs and the most important activities that the children and the people of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia enjoy. The customs and traditions are shared among the gulf region despite the difference in their naming. Furthermore, social media, and the ever expanding communications bridges led the rest of the region to adopt such celebrations as Qirqan and Ghbqa in the middle region of the Kingdom.

We hope that we presented to you information rich content which will benefit the visitors and lovers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There will be several social topics and series covering several regions of the Kingdom in future Ramadan and other occasions.

Tell Us

1) Do your countries’ customs resemble those of the Eastern Province?

2) What are the most beautiful habits that you enjoy during the holy month of Ramadan or Eid?

3) Where, and how did you celebrate Qarqayan this year?

4) What is your favorite outfit for family gatherings during Ramadan or Eid?

5) What activities do you do during Eid?

6) How many days do you spend celebrating Eid?

7) In which house did you gather this feast?

Hope you enjoyed the journey with us. See you next year. Stay Blessed!

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